Something changed in Yahoo Site Explorer today. I’ve checked many of my domains and all show lower link counts, about 2-3 times less links than before. For example this site is now down to 2118 backlinks, from over 6k before.  There is no way this could just happen on its own, so there must have been an update in yahoo today or yesterday. There is currently nothing about it on the official yahoo search blog.

Yahoo only amounts to about 10% of traffic on my sites, so I don’t pay much attention to it and most use it for checking backlinks. Yahoo is generally much slower than Google in all SEO aspects, serps change slower and newer sites get indexed and  rank considerably slower, so it’s interesting to find out more about this update and its significance.

According to MSFT and Yahoo deal yahoo search sites should soon start redirecting to bing and meanwhile yahoo keeps losing search share to Google

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