Yeah time passes by quickly. Would you believe it’s been a whole week since was launched? 😀

After one week the blog is averaging over 300 unique visitors per day and growing rapidly. I have big plans for this blog. Many cool things will come out soon.

Unlike many others I’ve been late to the domaining game. Domains with traffic and ppc income were/are too expensive and premium generics are unaffordable. The new players have to use new ways to succeed in domaining: finding bargain deals, following the buyouts and selling.

But there are still fortunes to be made and domaining seems to be living the new boom now, especially inspired by the super high prices of premium generics and quick rise in prices of short domains after big buyouts. Many consider this strategy very risky and it truly is, but the rewards are well worth the risk in this case.

So far most posts of the blog covered the buyouts, because it is the best way to make money in domaining now. How else can you get 1000% in 4 months, other than buying’s?

After the current buyout we won’t see that many buyouts as in the last months so if you haven’t yet, go and buy some today.

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