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Who Really Knows?

I go against all the “rules” here for buying domain names. I get super long names (3-4 words my norm), often with hyphens and always a .org or .net. In the appraisal section, my names always get no response, 0 or “reg fee” values.

For instance, I offer up my, a name everyone here said was a dog. And I agree. What’s to like? But somehow, someway…well, here are its last 6-month stats at

Domain Name Clicks Revenue 2,751 $196.75

And I’ll share these few more examples of modest parking successes.

Domain Name Clicks Revenue (6-month parking stats) 184 $209.58 61 $194.58 67 $41.82 29 $36.44 48 $34.95 93 $26.17 2 $22.72

And now I’m retired on my PPC income, on stuff everyone says not to buy. Go figure.

Just wanted to share. Food for thought.

And thank you for reading.

I’ve seen several others domainers telling about their long domains getting decent type in revenue, but still can’t believe this. Who in their right mind would type a 37 letters long, 4 words .org domain into their browser? Even if they do, what are the chances to get it right?

Well many things in the industry can be quite shocking. But here the point is if this works, then other similar long .org domains may have traffic as well.. and obviously without the traffic these have no reseller potential, so quite a few similar names are available.

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  1. Great post – I have known this long time ago that the domain names with “no value” called dogs are GREAT domain names.

    I like your post – GREAT work

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