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From $10,000 to $1,600

I had an interesting buying experience recently. I wanted to purchase a certain domain and inquired about it, the owner responded quickly saying that he “gets offers for it frequently and also has plans to develop it, however $10k would convince him to sell.” – a good reply you’d expect from a domainer.

That was quite above what I was going to offer, however I decided to try my luck and replied that my max offer is $1500 – which is a good market price for the domain. Of course I had little expectation from this since he made it pretty clear before that only $10k would make him part with the name. However surprisingly just a few hours later I received a reply saying that he’s ready to sell it for $2150..

That was still rather expensive, so I asked if he had any traffic stats for the domain – few days later he said no and lowered the price further to $1800. We exchanged a few more emails and eventually settled on $1600, with me paying the escrow fee.

In most cases, from my experience, if someone wants x for a domain, he’s not likely to agree on just about 16% of that amount. But you can always present your highest offer and make him choose. He might not get a higher offer for a while, so there is a good chance you might your sale.

Don’t give up easily. 🙂

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  1. Great buy for you – the seller must have been desperate to sell the domain (there are many desperate domain name sellers).

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