Low Reserves on Sedo

Sedo is notorious for making sellers pick low reserves to “encourage more bidders” and while it sometimes work, frequently there aren’t enough bidders in the first place, so names end up with low prices. This mostly refers to GreatDomains auctions. Next GreatDomains event has these names in the list, among others: Attended.com no reserve Calcium.net […]

Pizza.net = Porn.net + RealEstate.net + Sex.net

Pizza.net “auction” on TDNAM ended at $1,150,000 the highest reported .net sale yet if it gets confirmed. Lets look at the previous high sales: Porn.net $400,000 Jan 08 SnapNames/DomainFest RealEstate.net $300,000 Feb 07 Private Sex.net $450,000 May 06 Moniker/Traffic and then we get that Pizza.net = Porn.net + RealEstate.net + Sex.net

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 3

Another sales compilation here from the last 3 days. It looks the prices in the lower end LLLL.com are stabilizing and starting to grow once again. Sedo VUFI.com $1,390 LETP.com $800 YASM.com $850 witu.com $5,100 cstw.com $125 rrzz.com $410 qmen.com $1,510 jomv.com $90 uaau.com $610 vvww.com $650 vudi.com $1,550 wouu.com $500 PLLP.com $500 lypi.com $500 […]

Recent High Value LLLL.com Sales

A short sales report here on recent premium LLLL.com sales above $1k from last 10 days: Aido.com $6,000.00 03/26/2008 Afternic pcga.com $6,750.00 03/26/2008 Sedo foqa.com $1,301.00 03/24/2008 NameJet HIQI.com $1,055.00 03/22/2008 SnapNames JAPS.com $8,200.00 03/22/2008 NameJet ogit.com $1,038.00 03/22/2008 TDNAM cozu.com $1,801.00 03/21/2008 Sedo gmix.com $1,850.00 03/21/2008 Sedo wuge.com $1,050.00 03/21/2008 Sedo

Latest NNNNN.com and Other Numeric Sales

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the 5 digit domains and that was mostly because there are not many sales and even those get unnoticed since they are rarely reported outside of snapnames and namejet. But here they are: Sedo 92629.com $650 92624.com $360 10323.com $60 Snapnames 65588.com $110.00 53788.com $59.00 22877.com […]

All NNNNN.com SnapNames Auctions Ending Soon

Here is a list of 28 NNNNN.com I’ve researched with all the 5 number domains ending within 24 hours on snapnames and the current min bids to enter: 12735.com $18.00 25622.com $16.00 31861.com $14.00 35383.com $17.00 41405.com $12.00 44664.com $41.00 51655.com $14.00 51935.com $16.00 56749.com $16.00 60066.com $47.00 66702.com $16.00 67727.com $16.00 67933.com $16.00 68223.com […]

NNNNN.com Auctions in SnapNames

There are many NNNNN.com auctions ending in the following few days on snapnames: Domain Current bid End date 12830.com $24.00 02/21/2008 55699.com $22.00 02/21/2008 18681.com $21.00 02/21/2008 12488.com $19.00 02/21/2008 58820.com $19.00 02/21/2008 74512.com $19.00 02/21/2008 80388.com $19.00 02/21/2008 99465.com $19.00 02/21/2008 23770.com $18.00 02/21/2008 28942.com $18.00 02/21/2008 36389.com $18.00 02/21/2008 56869.com $18.00 02/21/2008 68586.com […]

173.com Sells for $302,790

DNJournal reported today a bunch of new high $$ sales, among them 173.com which sold for an astonishing $302,790 through Moniker! Big news for numeric domains. Other significant sales:

Best Place to Auction Domains

I’m preparing to unload a part of my portfolio and I was recently wondering where is the best place to auction them. While the two main venues are sedo and snanames, to my surprise the replies varied. Those in favor of sedo are saying that: sedo has larger audience sedo’s fees are lower – indeed […]

L-L.ca Countdown

Few facts first: – LLL.ca were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – NNN.ca were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 L-L.ca available out of 676 – LL.ca’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca […]