Don’t Sell’s on Sedo!

Don’t sell quad premium’s and quad premium’s with 3 repeating letters on Sedo! Strangely enough the prices on sedo no reserve auctions for these don’t reach near the levels that people  are ready to pay for them on domaining forums. That said, it’s true sedo has some good deals lately, if you’re planning […]

Domaining Time Machine: Back to 2004

Here is a little glimpse of domaining history with help of 2004 top sales It’s always interesting to see the old sales to find what was a good buy and what wasn’t and try to predict the future prices by that: $2,750,000 Pvt Sale $700,000 Pvt Sale $460,000 Moniker / Domain […]

Top Sedo Sales Last Week

Top sedo sales publiched by domainnamenews: 40,000 USD GreatDomains 28,500 USD GreatDomains 24,500 USD 12,500 USD 10,100 USD 8,750 USD 7,600 USD 7,100 USD GreatDomains 7,000 USD 6,700 USD 6,100 EUR 6,000 EUR  more.. on Sedo Closing NOW – 70 Million google results – Means “Data” in Spanish – one of the most valuable keywords – recently sold for $1.7 MILLION! – was on GreatDomains auction last month and bidding went up to $66K Bid here Perfect domain for any IT related company in a Spanish speaking country and one […]

Recent Sales Compilation – 4

Here is the forth monthly Recent Sales compilation.’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database Many nice end user […]

Sedo Updates Brokerage

Sedo updated today their brokerage service, adding new options for both buyers and sellers. First reported by dnexpert Sedo’s brokerage services are being updated with a new process for submitting both buyer and seller side brokerage requests and… Sedo’s brokerage services are being updated with a new process for submitting both buyer and seller side […]

Annoying lowball offers on Sedo

After I’ve added many of my top domains to sedo I keep getting large number of annoying lowball offers. Seriously people, if you’re going to lowball at least don’t send funny offers of 75 and 175 euro for domains that are worth at least low-mid 4 figures. Offer $500 or something, you might even […] vs.

I was just checking the recent sales of at and noticed a strange thing. $1,566.00 Apr/16/08 04:00 PM EST Sedo $3,000.00 Apr/14/08 10:53 PM CEST Sedo Both sold on sedo, same week, almost same letters and similar quality, yet such a big difference in price, why? “Fehu” has 162K results in […]

Top Names Being Auctioned This Week

Many top names are being auctioned through various venues this time. Sedo leads the way, with such gems as: Also, as usually, a few names with super high reserves that don’t have much chance (although we’ll likely see them shill bidded to the reserve by the end of […] Ended at $500K Euro on Sedo didn’t bring the top dollar many have expected and fetched only $500K euro on the recent auction run by Sedo. Considering it was previously sold by rick lotuna for $650K 10 months ago, the current owner just flipped it for a lousy 10% profit, after the sedo fees. For comparison another similar high […]