‘LLLL.com’ Goes for $7900 on Sedo

The domain LLLL.com recently sold on sedo for $7900. This is undoubtedly one of the best of 4 letter domains and a perfect one to make a site on the industry news and sales. The previous owner VURG planned to do so, but eventually decided to sell the domain. The new buyer is Reece, the […]

Today’s Sales: Printer.com – $800K, Bedandbath.com – $50k

Two top sales reported today on Dnforum printer.com sells for $800,000 Today the Dutch webmag webwereld.nl published the sale of printer.com for $800,000. (in Dutch) http://webwereld.nl/ref/rss/52452 Printer.com was purchased through Sedo by a Dutch startup that spent half of its funds on it. The company is not yet reveiling its exact plans with the domain […]

JobsOnline.info $12K @ Sedo

JobsOnline.info recently sold for $12k on sedo. I could see the .com going for that amount, but .info?! Congrats to the seller! Other tops sales were OD.com for $220,000, Luxury.net $38,750

Villas.com Sold for 305k Euros

Villas.com Sold for 305k Euros on sedo, $480 USD in one the largest sales this year. In other sales, yestarday’s 20K euro sale of gmx.ca was one of the highest for a Canadian domain. Gmx.com is a huge site with alexa 123, so they are most likely the buyers. More .ca sales: Afternic: adultdate.ca $1,000 […]

Recent Big Sales

A few top sales recently: Revolution.org Sells for $120,000 by Sedo in one of the top .org sales so far. GoPlay.com – $26,300 On NameJet. Namejet is becoming the new snapnames! Generic .com names fetch top prices at NJ. Contrary.com $10,363 MOOT.com for $45K on Sedo

TRAFFIC will have 5 Auction Providers

Nice to see the industry leaders working together, TRAFFIC in NY will have domains from all the major players: Moniker Aftermarket.com / DomainTools Rick Latona Bido.com Sedo

Low Reserves on Sedo

Sedo is notorious for making sellers pick low reserves to “encourage more bidders” and while it sometimes work, frequently there aren’t enough bidders in the first place, so names end up with low prices. This mostly refers to GreatDomains auctions. Next GreatDomains event has these names in the list, among others: Attended.com no reserve Calcium.net […]

Webmasters.org Bidding Reaches $38K

Webmasters.org Bidding on sitepoint auction Reaches $38K. It gets up to 10k pageviews per month, but only $25 monthly revenue. This is definitely a nice domain, with great potential as a webmaster community portal, but even with that it’s a very high price for a .org. What helps is that it’s a pr7 and the […]

Dot Ca Domains Up

The recent dnjournal report featured many high value .ca domains sales from myid auctions. CV.ca $54,977 Income.ca $26,242 Diploma.ca $17,999 Pharmacies.ca $15,663 Eyeglasses.ca $11,410 ZZ.ca $9,959 STD.ca $4,149 LoansCanada.ca $3,112 MontrealMortgages.ca $2,624 AccountingJobs.ca $2,438 Enjoy.ca $1,817 VancouverTravel.ca $1,816 WebTemplates.ca $1,559 QuebecHomes.ca $1,556

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 5

Here is the fifth monthly Recent LLLL.com Sales compilation. LLLL.com’s are the most frequently traded domaining commodity on all forums and auctions and it’s thus crucial to be up to date with the quickly changing prices. The list includes last 3-5 days of sales on different venues based on TDVR database and NP sales thread. […]