VQU.COM Sold for $6551 on Bido and More Stats

VQU.COM Sold for $6551 on Bido, just $51 above my estimation as posted in the sale comments 🙂 The letter quality isn’t good and only 123K results in google, but it has a decent acronym for “very quick update”, a phrase that could be branded into a hosting, or web services. This is the forth […]

Harlot.com on Bido

We are putting  Harlot.com on bido and the auction is in less than week July, 8 Great one word domain well fit for an adult site. Some recent sales on bido turned out to be bargains, so don’t miss this one! RYY.com – $7,124 domaintalk.com – $2,415 panelist.com – $1,866 golfiowa.com – $460 QVK.com – […]