NNNNN.com Sales Picking Up

Few days after the buyout NNNNN.com sales are heating up. Update: I’ve received reports of some random NNNNN.com’s sold in bulk privately for $8.5-10 each. Get those bargains while you still can ­čśë Several sales have been reported so far on the forums. I’ve sold 5 random NNNNN.com’s for $12.5 each (not selling that cheap […]

LLLL.net Registration Stats and Sales

According to 4-ok.net there are currently 218,443 LLLL.net’s remaining unregistered, out of 456,976, which is 47.8%. All premium LLLL.net’s were registered not long ago and since then their min prices are up to about twice the reg fee. Remaining LLLL.net’s by first letter: A: 5097 B: 7198 C: 5832 D: 6633 E: 7496 F: 8171 […]

NNNNN.com Countdown Approaching 10k

NNNNN.com Countdown Approaching 10k. Around 11k NNNNN.com’s are currently remaining unregistered. Latest count shows 10, 736 10,681 8,200! They are likely to run out within a week if this trend continues. According to NNNNN Domains Marchex owns around 60K NNNNN.com, which are valid US zip codes, so that only leaves the other 40K available on […]