Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June

Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June. Reece published the full sales list Most were definitely great deals, such as: 13 LLLL.com 205.00 USD 16 Triple Repeat LLLL.com 10,000.00 USD BBBD.com 785.00 USD LLLF.com 655.00 USD LLLM.com 678.00 USD OOOM.com 1,025.00 USD

New LLLL.com PriceGuide by Reece

New LLLL.com PriceGuide by Reece is out  As can be seen, prices have stabilized and are no longer fluctuating significantly in either direction, which is a good indicator of a healthy market long term. Lately, there have been far more lower quality LLLL.com sales than there have been higher quality LLLL.com sales, so I’ve been […]

BQB.com – New Domain MarketPlace

BQB.com has recently started operating as a new auction site for short domains: BQB.com is a no commission, next generation domain name auction platform dedicated to short domains. Founded in March 2008, BQB.com Inc seeks to reduce the pain sellers of domain names currently endure, paying exhorbitant commissions which are in our opinion often unjustified. […]

LLLL.com – A Temporary Slowdown Due to Market Correction

New LLLL.com price guide is out by Reece and we can see that prices have slowed a bit: Data derived from TDVR.com, the largest LLLL.com database. Numbers in parentheses reflect Feb 17, 2008 statistics. Current prices reflect the results of the 500 most recent reported LLLL.com sales within the Feb 25, 2008 through Mar 5, […]