$598K for 92 LLL.com

Justin Godfrey, known as Rockefeller on dnf, recently posted about his sale of 92 LLL.com’s for $598K: I just finished up a deal where I sold 92 LLL .coms for just about 600k, probably could’ve got more since it was only 6.5k each, but it’s nice to see people are spending freely again! I suppose […]

Dan Pulcrano Cover Story on DNJournal

New cover story on dnjournal about Dan Pulcrano, who owns such names as LosAngeles.com, SanFrancisco.com and Philadelphia.com Changing of the Guard: How Dan Pulcrano Became The Point Man in the Historic March From Old Media to the New World Online If you are a domain owner you are involved in something much bigger than the […]

NNNNN.com Available List Posted – 8190 Remain

NNNNN.com Available List Posted 8190 Remain Unregistered. With current trends going on NNNNN.com will be history in 3-5 days. – All NNNNN.com’s starting with 1,2 and 9 are now gone. In fact there is one 9NNNN.com remaining but don’t expect it be long after this post: 97949.com (added: the winner is RezaS on NP) – […]