Sold at $300K was offered for sale several times before on ebay, but failed to reach near the reserve, the last ebay auction ended at $61000: Premium Domain Now it finally sold for a nice $300K to Intelius [Nasdaq:INTL] Arlo Gilbert, the previous owner, has the news on his blog

NY Times: How to Make $170K Flipping Sites

NyTimes has an interesting story on a guy who flipped a site for an awesome $173K, after buying it for $1800 and doing some changes. According to traffic estimates the site only has 5-6k monthly visitors from US, so it’s strange that just 200 visits per day can provide such nice income. Besides […]

Microsoft Increased Bid for Yahoo

Domain news reports: As promised, we are keeping you up to date on this developing story…  As  we reported yesterday, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer had held firm with the original offer, insisting it was fair in light of Yahoo’s eroding profits during the past two years. He threatened an attempt to oust Yahoo’s board […] To Be Auctioned on Sedo is scheduled to be auctioned in GreatDomains monthly auction in 5 days. Reserve is set to above 1 million and if it sells we might see another high value sale to top the annually charts. is also a small developed site, which in this case probably doesn’t add much value. The new owner […]