LLL.ca Sales Boost in July

Some LLL.ca were auctioned in myid, pool and sibername in July 2008, here are some of the results as posted on dnforum: tus.ca – $297 xcc.ca – $121 smb.ca – $655 otk.ca – $259 tbb.ca – $615 tlx.ca – $101 bjp.ca – $250 ewq.ca – $101 ghj.ca – $101 glq.qc.ca – $2250 hjk.ca – $101 […]

New DnJournal Report is Up

New DnJournal Report is Up: Moniker.com closed the $850,000 sale of SkiResorts.com this week, a deal that ranks as the fourth highest sale reported so far in 2008. Moniker handled the sale for Rick Latona who sold two other domains that landed on our Top 20 chart through his own site, RickLatona.com. One of those, […]

x2.ca For $1495 – This is not a Joke

Update: Domain was sold. X2.ca For $1495 – This is not a Joke! Post sold to claim the domain Payment expected within 24 hours – Paypal or escrow, buy pays the fees. —-

Some .ca Sales

A quick update on the recent .ca pool auction results: icq.ca sold for $3400 north.ca sold for $2701 MyID is also going to do a premium .ca auction. They are mostly after 2-3 char domains and generics. Also cities and french domains. Myid.ca doesn’t seem to be too popular so I’m guessing this auction won’t […]

ICQ.ca in Pool.com – Can a TM Violation Be More Obvious?

ICQ.ca in now at auction in Pool.com with current high offer $2302 and over 3 days to go. Now obviously this LLL.ca domain is only that valuable due to the popular IM program with the same name. So it’s very likely that icq.ca has some very good type in traffic that can let the owner […]

Banks.ca Sells for $41000 to Set a New .ca Record!

New record for .ca sales: $41000 for banks.ca at Pool.com today. Previous high .ca sales: savings.ca $36,050 2006-03-28 Pool cruise.ca $33,363 2006-05-23 Pvt Sale Some argue whether banks.ca is really worth much because there are only 6 banks in Canada, although I think it’s an excellent finance related domain and its value will only rise […]

BU.ca Closes at $13.5K at Pool

Good news for .ca enthusiasts: BU.ca Closes at $13.5K at Pool! I remember when snapnames first started auctioning ca domains, about 7 months ago there were a coupe LL.ca in the list, they reached about $2k each and at that time I had a feeling it’s cheap. Now I know it was cheap! This even […]