Forum Selling Tips – 1

Hey all, I sell domains through forums quite frequently and always try to improve my sales threads and techniques, so I thought I’d share a few tips here in hopes that it will be useful. This post will mostly contain general tips, for more specific advice watch for the next posts in the series. Include […]

Bulk Email Spam

I got about 8-10 emails from this person for different domains over the last couple months. I replied to a few asking to stop bothering me because I dont sell my domains cheap, but it clearly didn’t help. I noticed that you are the owner of I am currently looking to buy these type […] For $1495 – This is not a Joke

Update: Domain was sold. For $1495 – This is not a Joke! Post sold to claim the domain Payment expected within 24 hours – Paypal or escrow, buy pays the fees. —-