LLL.ca Sales Boost in July

Some LLL.ca were auctioned in myid, pool and sibername in July 2008, here are some of the results as posted on dnforum: tus.ca – $297 xcc.ca – $121 smb.ca – $655 otk.ca – $259 tbb.ca – $615 tlx.ca – $101 bjp.ca – $250 ewq.ca – $101 ghj.ca – $101 glq.qc.ca – $2250 hjk.ca – $101 […]

LLL.ca and NNN.ca Names For Sale

I’m reducing my .ca portfolio and selling some 3 letter and 3 number names at very attractive prices. Having some of these in your portfolio is a must for any Canadian domainer. The LLL.ca were all registered last year and since then the prices have been growing steadily. Canadian domains can only be registered by […]

$598K for 92 LLL.com

Justin Godfrey, known as Rockefeller on dnf, recently posted about his sale of 92 LLL.com’s for $598K: I just finished up a deal where I sold 92 LLL .coms for just about 600k, probably could’ve got more since it was only 6.5k each, but it’s nice to see people are spending freely again! I suppose […]

Dot Ca Domains Up

The recent dnjournal report featured many high value .ca domains sales from myid auctions. CV.ca $54,977 Income.ca $26,242 Diploma.ca $17,999 Pharmacies.ca $15,663 Eyeglasses.ca $11,410 ZZ.ca $9,959 STD.ca $4,149 LoansCanada.ca $3,112 MontrealMortgages.ca $2,624 AccountingJobs.ca $2,438 Enjoy.ca $1,817 VancouverTravel.ca $1,816 WebTemplates.ca $1,559 QuebecHomes.ca $1,556

159 L-L.ca Domains Available

159 L-L.ca Domains Available out of 676. LLL.ca’s are selling for a min of around $100 and up and judging by the .com’s L-L usually sell for about 30% of LLL. The LL.ca – two letter Canadian domains are selling for 5-10k minimum now and this is out of reach for smaller end users, this […]

ALL 3 Character .ru Domains Registered!

There are 1,426,613 .ru domains registered in total and 60,491 .su .ru stands for Russia and .su is the obsolete extension of Soviet Union, which is still being used. But the shocker is all 3 character .ru domains are registered! I could hardly believe that the first time I heard about it mentioned on NP, […]

LLLL.com – A Temporary Slowdown Due to Market Correction

New LLLL.com price guide is out by Reece and we can see that prices have slowed a bit: Data derived from TDVR.com, the largest LLLL.com database. Numbers in parentheses reflect Feb 17, 2008 statistics. Current prices reflect the results of the 500 most recent reported LLLL.com sales within the Feb 25, 2008 through Mar 5, […]

L-L.ca Countdown

Few facts first: – LLL.ca were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – NNN.ca were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 L-L.ca available out of 676 – LL.ca’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca […]

Premium LLLL.net Buyout

Last Premium LLLL.net’s were bought out on Feb,5 2007 – 3 days ago. Now you can already see threads on namepros selling these for $20-25 each and some are getting purchased. It’s pretty obvious that these will grow in price and based on past LLL.net growth and LLLL.com quick rise to power, I predict the […]