VQU.COM Sold for $6551 on Bido and More Stats

VQU.COM Sold for $6551 on Bido, just $51 above my estimation as posted in the sale comments ­čÖé The letter quality isn’t good and only 123K results in google, but it has a decent acronym for “very quick update”, a phrase that could be branded into a hosting, or web services. This is the forth […]

Frequency Analysis of Top LLLL.com Sales

Letter quality brings up heated discussions every time on domaining forums and that’s not surprising since this is one of the top indicators for LLLL.com pricing. In this post I’ve done some frequency analysis on the 200 top LLLL.com sales from last 4 months. These are all the reported sales above $2000 so it should […]

Fehu.com vs. Rihu.com

I was just checking the recent sales of cvcv.com at tdvr.com and noticed a strange thing. rihu.com $1,566.00 Apr/16/08 04:00 PM EST Sedo fehu.com $3,000.00 Apr/14/08 10:53 PM CEST Sedo Both sold on sedo, same week, almost same letters and similar quality, yet such a big difference in price, why? “Fehu” has 162K results in […]

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out on 4letternoob blog by Reece. Quad premiums had the highest increase in prices, which was only expected as they are the most desirable of all 4 letters. Triple premiums with Z and other letters seem to be the real bargain at these prices. They are not too ugly and […]