Going to Afilicon Next Week

Affilicon, Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition in Israel, is taking place next week on Nov, 24-25. Around 1000 people are expected to visit the conference. I’ll be there as well, so if you are attending drop me a message and we can meet up and chat, or just say hi. ­čÖé

ISRAEL.COM For Grabs at $5 Million

Israel is being sold off to the highest bidder. The Internet domain name israel.com is expected to fetch at least $5.5 million when it is sold at auction, said Monte Cahn, CEO of Moniker.com, which is running the sale. Jean-Noel Frydman, 46, registered the domain name in 1994 and never imagined at the time it […]

TRAFFIC East Auction Inventory

Israel.com, Pay.com, Jackpot.com, Athlete.com and Hoodia.com are among the top names scheduled to be included in the Moniker Live Domain Auction to be held at the TRAFFIC East event on May 20-23 in Orlando.Other premium domain names that are likely to be included in the Live or Extended Online Auctions: Liens.com/BankLiens.com DiscountTravel.com AirlineFares.net BabyFood.com Boats.mobi […]