Katie.com – Low Reserve on GreatDomains

I recently spotted this domain on DNF and it caught my attention. Not only because it’s a top female name and a great domain, but mostly because the high contrast in prices. The seller claims to have paid over $50K for the name and the reserve on the greatdomains auction is only in the 1-5K […]

Ultra Rare – 8 NN.com For Sale on DNF

Just saw this: 08.com + 22.com + 34.com + 44.com + 55.com + 84.com + 85.com + 92.com Hello to all numeric lovers ! We are selling the nicest NN.COM portfolio in the world ! 08.com + 22.com + 34.com + 44.com + 55.com + 84.com + 85.com + 92.com as a package. Minimal offer […]

Widgets.com on eBay

This week Rick Schwartz decided to quit blogging and put widgets.com on ebay.com With 4 days to go now the auction is up to $120k I’m pretty sure the reserve won’t be reached and domain won’t sell, so no idea why Rick decided to do that. eBay is certainly not the place to sell a […]

Domain Tools Launches a Forum

Domain Tools Launches a New Forum Looks good and different from the rest, might quickly become the new popular place to get professional domaining advice. Congrats and Good luck to Jay on the new venue!