eBay Suing Digital Point over Cookie Stuffing Scheme

eBay has filed suit against Digital Point Solutions, best known as the owner of one of the more popular web site owner communities, and others over an alleged cookie stuffing scheme. According to the filing lodged in the Northern California District Court, Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and […]

Many LLLL.com Possibly Stolen: EGF.com, Sibe.com, gmeil.com, elli.com, gtoy.com and more..

It was reported today on DNF that a large amount of quality LLLL.com domains were stolen, among them egf.com, neoo.com, elli.com, gtoy.com, lave.com, sibe.com, ftc.net, 3004.COM GEHO.COM, gmile.com, mopi.com: The domains as shown below were transferred illegaly on 13,14,15 April,2008 by unknown domain hacker. The original legal owner is Goi Media(Heongho Kim),he reported all suspected […]

Huge Bug Found in Godaddy – Lots of Options for Fraud

Rick reported this recently on his blog: It appears GoDaddy.com gives you the option to cancel a transfer, after you have done an account change and the new owner has accepted the domain. How ludicrous is this? I’ve just had it happen a second time. Someone sends you a name, so you send them the […]