Random Tip #71 – Sell Frequently

Many newbie domainers go on a buying spree excited by all the reports of high sales and opportunities presented in the industry. But as you know high prices fetched by individual sales don’t always show the market price and finding end users may turn out to be much more complicated. By selling, or at least […]

LLL.com Prices Collapse?

First time I’m seeing 3character.com guide lowering prices and not just lowering, but by over 20% in a month! 3-Letter .com – $6000 (- $1650 since July 1, 2008 report) 3 letter .net lost 3.6% according to the guide. What’s gonna happen next with the LLL.com? Well no one knows for sure. From a discussion […]

Civa.com For Sale – Top CVCV.com domain With Revenue, from 1996

Update: domain was sold Civa.com GODADDY.COM Expiration Date: 2009-02-20 Creation Date: 1996-02-19 Made 4.53 € = $7.04 in 32 days on sedo. Average 34 visitors per day. Screenshot here Rather high ctr, but very low clicks, so with some optimization and maybe at another parking service it can do much more. Over 1,5 Million results […]

$598K for 92 LLL.com

Justin Godfrey, known as Rockefeller on dnf, recently posted about his sale of 92 LLL.com’s for $598K: I just finished up a deal where I sold 92 LLL .coms for just about 600k, probably could’ve got more since it was only 6.5k each, but it’s nice to see people are spending freely again! I suppose […]

Interview With rjs_essex by DomainMagnate

DomainMagnate.com presents an interview with Rich from Quad Letter Domains – Name, age, location? Richard Shorten, 25, United Kingdom – What are your top 3 domains? I have lots of names spread across many different niches and lately have focussed heavily on quad letter domains so its difficult to single out specifics… – Username on […]

159 L-L.ca Domains Available

159 L-L.ca Domains Available out of 676. LLL.ca’s are selling for a min of around $100 and up and judging by the .com’s L-L usually sell for about 30% of LLL. The LL.ca – two letter Canadian domains are selling for 5-10k minimum now and this is out of reach for smaller end users, this […]

Less Than 10K Canadian Domains Till the Million

Currently there are 990,000 .ca domains registered according to cira.ca. With current registration rates we could hit a million within a couple weeks, or a month. Meanwhile .ca prices are going up quickly. LL.ca market values are already at the point where few end users can afford the and LLL.ca selling for $100+ on drops.

Systematic.com Sold For $400,000

Conceptualist reports that   Via Texada’s press release (PDF): TEXADA Software Inc. (TSX Venture: TXS), premier provider of equipment rental and mobile asset management software, today announced that it has sold the ownership of one of its Internet addresses for $400,000.