Happy Holidays and more..

Happy holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Hag Hanukkah Sameah ­čÖé May the next 2009 year be happier, more profitable and more adventurous for you! I’m doing my “holiday shopping” and looking to purchase a few good generic domains by the end of the year. If you got some for sale that fit […]

From $10,000 to $1,600

I had an interesting buying experience recently. I wanted to purchase a certain domain and inquired about it, the owner responded quickly saying that he “gets offers for it frequently and also has plans to develop it, however $10k would convince him to sell.” – a good reply you’d expect from a domainer. That was […]

LLL.com Prices Collapse?

First time I’m seeing 3character.com guide lowering prices and not just lowering, but by over 20% in a month! 3-Letter .com – $6000 (- $1650 since July 1, 2008 report) 3 letter .net lost 3.6% according to the guide. What’s gonna happen next with the LLL.com? Well no one knows for sure. From a discussion […]

My Domaining Strategy + A little Test

How do I make money domaining? Well by most part it comes to: know the market well buy low sell high Domaining is a strange market. There are the end user prices and the market/reseller prices for any domain – both can vary a lot and there is a lot of money to be made […]

LLL.ca and NNN.ca Names For Sale

I’m reducing my .ca portfolio and selling some 3 letter and 3 number names at very attractive prices. Having some of these in your portfolio is a must for any Canadian domainer. The LLL.ca were all registered last year and since then the prices have been growing steadily. Canadian domains can only be registered by […]

Annoying lowball offers on Sedo

After I’ve added many of my top LLLL.com domains to sedo I keep getting large number of annoying lowball offers. Seriously people, if you’re going to lowball at least don’t send funny offers of 75 and 175 euro for domains that are worth at least low-mid 4 figures. Offer $500 or something, you might even […]

April 1st Domainer Jokes

Instead of making my own April prank I decided to list a few others tried. Here is todays collection: All currently running GreatDomains auctions have been cancelled. Including pizza.com! ICANNT announces immediate release of all single letter .com/.net/.org domains Rick Latona is selling Vino.com for $5k Google launches new tool: Introducing Gmail Custom TimeTM TakeMeTo.asia […]

Change Your Domain Details Right After Buying

Change Your Domain Details Right After Buying We all buy and sell domains on a daily basis and frequently the domains are not updated after the purchase. Buyer forgets or puts off changing the new owner information, or dns, thus still allowing the previous owner to earn the parking revenue. As strange as it may […]