GoDaddy Coupon Codes for February 2009

Update: March 5, 2009 – I have just use this codeto renew and bunch of domains and it still works. If .com is what you’re after you don’t need any other godaddy codes! I was just renewing some domains at godaddy and as usually had to do a little research to find the best coupon […]

Mexico is 250K Strong

Dot MX – Mexican domain names registry reached 250K registrations. DomainNews reports: NIC Mexico (Network Information Center México), the registry and administrators of the .MX cctTLD, is announcing that on April 28th, 250,000 .MX domain name registrations have been reached. This new threshhold turns out to be highly promising for the increasing use of .MX domain names, given the […]

Dot cn Domain Registrations Hit 10 Million

dnexpert reports: CNNic, the Chinese .cn domain name registry have announced they have passed the 10 million domain registrations mark in January 2008. While other countries take pride in reaching 7 figures, China is strongly striding towards being the leading nation in terms of ccTld registrations. Only Germany with their .de ccTld have reached 10 […]