Today’s Sales: – $800K, – $50k

Two top sales reported today on Dnforum sells for $800,000 Today the Dutch webmag published the sale of for $800,000. (in Dutch) was purchased through Sedo by a Dutch startup that spent half of its funds on it. The company is not yet reveiling its exact plans with the domain […] Sold at $300K was offered for sale several times before on ebay, but failed to reach near the reserve, the last ebay auction ended at $61000: Premium Domain Now it finally sold for a nice $300K to Intelius [Nasdaq:INTL] Arlo Gilbert, the previous owner, has the news on his blog

788 Domains Stolen, Including

Update: was recovered with the help of godaddy More stolen names might soon pop up for sale, so be warned! Also a quick reminder: don’t use gmail, or other free email addresses as whois addresses for your domains. They can be hacked! More details are from a namepros thread: Some of them are: […]

Domainers Are Winners

The most popular thread on dnforum currently is this one: Domainers are Losers As usually the dumbest threads get the highest exposure, but naturally there are also a couple good points raised in the thread. The OP intended that most people joining the industry don’t succeed that well, and this is probably right, same way […]

Latest Moniker Auctions Results

The silent auction which ended recently netted $99k, according to the domains reports: The silent auction from the Paris Domainers show just concluded and a total of 64 domains were sold for $99K                                $35,300.00                                    $15,300.00                                     $8,240.00                           $5,000.00                              $3,530.00 MKF.NET                   $1,770.00

New Vawe of Fake ICANN Emails

New Vawe of Fake ICANN Emails is out trying to get your logins and password to steal domains, so be warned. A few reports were posted on DNF. Update: site is down now. To:    [email][/email] Subject:    ICANN – Domain Upgrade Notice Date:    Tue, 24 Jun 2008 06:22:08 +0200 From:    “ICANN” <> Dear Domain Account […] Sold For a Record $600K

New high record set for .ca domains by The domain was reported to have sold for $600K to Ogopogo Media: Ogopogo Media, an Internet media company that acquires and develops geotargeted destination and category specific domain names, recently announced it has acquired the rights to from Domed Technologies, Inc. of Montreal, Canada. The acquisition […]

A New Tld Around the Corner .me

.me is about to be launched. Sounds pretty good for a personal site. I think many people would like it and it has many cool possibilities, like,,, etc. A tld that is also a word! .ME Registry officials today announced the roll-out plan for .ME, the new domain name extension. .ME […]

Type-in Traffic on 4 Word .org Domains?!

Check out this recent DNF thread Who Really Knows? I go against all the “rules” here for buying domain names. I get super long names (3-4 words my norm), often with hyphens and always a .org or .net. In the appraisal section, my names always get no response, 0 or “reg fee” values. For instance, […]