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– Top 4 letter domain at bargain prices. – 10% discount if you purchase 3 or more domains – Payments by paypal masspay, or moneybookers $675 each:

$173,035.90 RPM

$173,035.90 RPM – meaning $173K for 1000 visitors, how would you like that? 😮 1 visitor and 173.04 USD , probably the highest “per click” you’ll see with any parking program. This interesting case was recently reported in dnforum by a fellow domainer. Apperantly Domain Sponsor pay also for CPA – cost per action – […] For Sale For Sale on dnforum and here Expiration Date: 2010-12-28 Creation Date: 1998-12-28 – top, pronounceable and memorable – Over 20 Million results in google, – first and last name in various countries sedo stats last 32 days: 318 23 7.23% 0.11 € 8.25 € 2.62 € taking offers on the dnf […]

$260,000 for

Top sale in dnjournal’s report today: $260,000 for Looks quite overprices and suspicious indeed, and btw is still available, should be worth at least 25% more 😀 There are a few threads over at dnforum discussing this here and here Some have suggested that similar sales might be fake. There can be many […] @ $25K – A Good Deal? @ $25K – A Good Deal? was just sold for $25K on dnforum. Sold in less than 2 hours after it was posted. Comments in the thread suggest it’s a good catch, but I don’t quite see why and how it can be used. What do you think, is it a good deal […]

Domain Magnate reports: $50K in July Revenues

Despite the recession in US economy and a certain amount of uncertainty in the domaining market July 08 have been pretty good for me. I had around $50k in sales, with over 2/3 of it being profit. While most sales were private and the buyers preferred to keep them confidential, couple of the top sales […]

More Stolen Domains

Another scammer popped up in dnforum and tried to sell a few 3 and 4 letter domains: It’s was xandomains, Yang Xin from Shanghai, who is now banned on dnf. Among the stolen names are: LNTH.COM LTGP.COM TDBF.COM 0L9.COM ENCD.COM KFAL.COM FYUP.COM UNWB.COM More info here and here 

Domainers Are Winners

The most popular thread on dnforum currently is this one: Domainers are Losers As usually the dumbest threads get the highest exposure, but naturally there are also a couple good points raised in the thread. The OP intended that most people joining the industry don’t succeed that well, and this is probably right, same way […] For Sale For Sale Bin is set to $24k for this gem and I’m currently considering offers on dnforum and here. NetSol Expiration Date: 2009-03-24 Creation Date: 1995-03-23 9 Cities and Counties in US Dozens of famous people, including Emily Dickinson 28 Million results in google 180/day searches on wordtracker, 3025 searches for “Emily Dickinson” […]

DNForum Adds New Category $20 Dropping

DNForum Adds New Category for dropping soon domains, for a fixed price of $20. I think it’s a great idea and I just listed a few of mines there to try it out. Domainers deal with renewals on a weekly basis and it’s frequently a hard decision to either renew or let it go. It […]