Possible First Reported $xxx,xxx idn Sale

According to this thread on dnf and this one in idnforums there might have been a $xxx,xxx sale for an idn domain. The domain was not publicly disclosed, however it is a Russian term. Alexa is 0, so there is probably not much traffic. Other posts indicate that  there were other previous $xxx,xxx sales and […]

$598K for 92 LLL.com

Justin Godfrey, known as Rockefeller on dnf, recently posted about his sale of 92 LLL.com’s for $598K: I just finished up a deal where I sold 92 LLL .coms for just about 600k, probably could’ve got more since it was only 6.5k each, but it’s nice to see people are spending freely again! I suppose […]

More Stolen Domains

Another scammer popped up in dnforum and tried to sell a few 3 and 4 letter domains: It’s was xandomains, Yang Xin from Shanghai, who is now banned on dnf. Among the stolen names are: ZRU.com LNTH.COM LTGP.COM TDBF.COM ANIL.com 0L9.COM ENCD.COM KFAL.COM FYUP.COM UNWB.COM More info here and here 

Hace.com For Sale – 275 Million Google Results

I’m putting one of my top 4 letter domain for sale: Hace.com – Amazing 4 letter domain, CVCV – 275 Million google results! (for comparison thin.com recently sold for $200k and it has less than 200M results in google) – Large number of different acronyms and meanings Bin $25,000 Also considering offers in the low […]

Katie.com – Low Reserve on GreatDomains

I recently spotted this domain on DNF and it caught my attention. Not only because it’s a top female name and a great domain, but mostly because the high contrast in prices. The seller claims to have paid over $50K for the name and the reserve on the greatdomains auction is only in the 1-5K […]

Don’t Sell LLLL.com’s on Sedo!

Don’t sell quad premium 4l.com’s and quad premium 4l.com’s with 3 repeating letters on Sedo! Strangely enough the prices on sedo no reserve auctions for these don’t reach near the levels that people  are ready to pay for them on domaining forums. That said, it’s true sedo has some good deals lately, if you’re planning […]

Many LLLL.com Possibly Stolen: EGF.com, Sibe.com, gmeil.com, elli.com, gtoy.com and more..

It was reported today on DNF that a large amount of quality LLLL.com domains were stolen, among them egf.com, neoo.com, elli.com, gtoy.com, lave.com, sibe.com, ftc.net, 3004.COM GEHO.COM, gmile.com, mopi.com: The domains as shown below were transferred illegaly on 13,14,15 April,2008 by unknown domain hacker. The original legal owner is Goi Media(Heongho Kim),he reported all suspected […]

Ultra Rare – 8 NN.com For Sale on DNF

Just saw this: 08.com + 22.com + 34.com + 44.com + 55.com + 84.com + 85.com + 92.com Hello to all numeric lovers ! We are selling the nicest NN.COM portfolio in the world ! 08.com + 22.com + 34.com + 44.com + 55.com + 84.com + 85.com + 92.com as a package. Minimal offer […]

OOOM.com For Sale

I’m selling one of my best LLLL.com domains OOOM.com One of only 26 domains with triple O’s and even less with all premium letters. It’s for sale on DNforum, but you can also send offers via this post. Current high offer on dnf is $2000 and I’m looking for a little more to sell quick. […]

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda

Naysayers Spread Anti-LLLL Propoganda and many people selling their LLLL.com’s cheap on DNF, believing the prices will fall. Well good for those who are quick to get the bargains! Patient domainers, who are ready to wait will eventually make the highest profit. If you sell in a hurry you always lose. Check today’s and yesterday’s […]