Possible First Reported $xxx,xxx idn Sale

According to this thread on dnf and this one in idnforums there might have been a $xxx,xxx sale for an idn domain. The domain was not publicly disclosed, however it is a Russian term. Alexa is 0, so there is probably not much traffic. Other posts indicate that  there were other previous $xxx,xxx sales and […]

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 2

Similar to the previous one here is a second LLLL.com sales compilation from last 2 days to reflect the current market prices. SnapNames artr.com $900.00 jspk.com $110.00 jvdv.com $65.00 kknl.com $130.00 krwt.com $59.00 lxwd.com $50.00 mxep.com $75.00 qdzl.com $52.00 rxsu.com $60.00 ttgu.com $161.00 vcou.com $72.00 vqso.com $50.00 yhkm.com $68.00 zlht.com $65.00 ztcm.com $75.00