100 Days of Blogging

It’s been 100 days of blogging on DomainMagnate.com today, since then I posted 166 posts and here are the most popular ones: Chess.com – How a Premium Domain Should Be Used Why LLLL.com Domains Will Grow in Price Top .in Domains Owners AARR.com, DDRR.com, Bulg.com, NNPP.com, Slov.com, OOOM.com, Lidy.com, RonF.com, Xosi.com and many more at […]

Now it’s Official: ALL NNNNN.com Have Been Registered

Now it’s official ALL NNNNN.com Have Been Registered The registrations rates were crazy in the past few days, even higher than with LLLL.com Lets see how the prices rise now and how fast we can get to a minimum of $20-$25 for NNNNN.com. If there will be enough trading activity going then probably within a […]

NNNNN.com Countdown Approaching 10k

NNNNN.com Countdown Approaching 10k. Around 11k NNNNN.com’s are currently remaining unregistered. Latest count shows 10, 736 10,681 8,200! They are likely to run out within a week if this trend continues. According to NNNNN Domains Marchex owns around 60K NNNNN.com, which are valid US zip codes, so that only leaves the other 40K available on […]

13628 NNNNN.com Remaining – List Inside

13,628 NNNNN.com Remaining from my most recent scan. Download the list here Also check out the NNNNN.com Countdown timeline We are very close to the buyout, so if you want to reg some NNNNN.com’s now is a good time to do so ­čśë

L-L.ca Countdown

Few facts first: – LLL.ca were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – NNN.ca were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 L-L.ca available out of 676 – LL.ca’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca […]