LLL.ca and NNN.ca Names For Sale

I’m reducing my .ca portfolio and selling some 3 letter and 3 number names at very attractive prices. Having some of these in your portfolio is a must for any Canadian domainer. The LLL.ca were all registered last year and since then the prices have been growing steadily. Canadian domains can only be registered by […]

Dot Ca Domains Up

The recent dnjournal report featured many high value .ca domains sales from myid auctions. CV.ca $54,977 Income.ca $26,242 Diploma.ca $17,999 Pharmacies.ca $15,663 Eyeglasses.ca $11,410 ZZ.ca $9,959 STD.ca $4,149 LoansCanada.ca $3,112 MontrealMortgages.ca $2,624 AccountingJobs.ca $2,438 Enjoy.ca $1,817 VancouverTravel.ca $1,816 WebTemplates.ca $1,559 QuebecHomes.ca $1,556

159 L-L.ca Domains Available

159 L-L.ca Domains Available out of 676. LLL.ca’s are selling for a min of around $100 and up and judging by the .com’s L-L usually sell for about 30% of LLL. The LL.ca – two letter Canadian domains are selling for 5-10k minimum now and this is out of reach for smaller end users, this […]

Less Than 10K Canadian Domains Till the Million

Currently there are 990,000 .ca domains registered according to cira.ca. With current registration rates we could hit a million within a couple weeks, or a month. Meanwhile .ca prices are going up quickly. LL.ca market values are already at the point where few end users can afford the and LLL.ca selling for $100+ on drops.

All NNNN.ca Checked

Just run a scan of all NNNN.ca domains – that is the 4 number Canadian domains. Guess how many are available?