x2.ca For $1495 – This is not a Joke

Update: Domain was sold. X2.ca For $1495 – This is not a Joke! Post sold to claim the domain Payment expected within 24 hours – Paypal or escrow, buy pays the fees. —-

Less Than 10K Canadian Domains Till the Million

Currently there are 990,000 .ca domains registered according to cira.ca. With current registration rates we could hit a million within a couple weeks, or a month. Meanwhile .ca prices are going up quickly. LL.ca market values are already at the point where few end users can afford the and LLL.ca selling for $100+ on drops.

Banks.ca Sells for $41000 to Set a New .ca Record!

New record for .ca sales: $41000 for banks.ca at Pool.com today. Previous high .ca sales: savings.ca $36,050 2006-03-28 Pool cruise.ca $33,363 2006-05-23 Pvt Sale Some argue whether banks.ca is really worth much because there are only 6 banks in Canada, although I think it’s an excellent finance related domain and its value will only rise […]

Dot ca vs. Dot in

Another interesting discussion thread appeared on DNforum that deserves to be featured here. This time it is a comparison between Canadian and Indian domain market. Some figures first: Canada Stats Population=33,390,141 Internet Usage=22,000,000 %Penetration=65.9% Use Growth (2000-2007)=73.2% GDP Growth(2007)=2.6% GDP Per Capita (PPP): $35,600 (2006 Est.) As of 2008-03-16: .ca registration contain 985,474 domains

L-L.ca Updated list – 234 available

The registration have heated up since yesterday, when I posted the first list of 273 available Now it’s down to 234 and it looks like all the premium are gone! a-q.ca a-x.ca b-q.ca b-u.ca b-x.ca b-y.ca c-q.ca c-y.ca c-z.ca d-k.ca d-q.ca d-w.ca d-y.ca d-z.ca

L-L.ca Countdown

Few facts first: – LLL.ca were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – NNN.ca were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 L-L.ca available out of 676 – LL.ca’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca […]