Webmasters.org Bidding Reaches $38K

Webmasters.org Bidding on sitepoint auction Reaches $38K. It gets up to 10k pageviews per month, but only $25 monthly revenue. This is definitely a nice domain, with great potential as a webmaster community portal, but even with that it’s a very high price for a .org. What helps is that it’s a pr7 and the […]

TRAFFIC Auction List – Moniker

Moniker.com has released the list for the domains to be auctioned off at live auction at the TRAFFIC Orlando show on Friday May 24. Remote live bidding will be available through snapnames.com. There are some great names on the list. As usual moniker.com lists a range of reserve for each domain rather than an actual […]

TRAFFIC East Auction Inventory

Israel.com, Pay.com, Jackpot.com, Athlete.com and Hoodia.com are among the top names scheduled to be included in the Moniker Live Domain Auction to be held at the TRAFFIC East event on May 20-23 in Orlando.Other premium domain names that are likely to be included in the Live or Extended Online Auctions: Liens.com/BankLiens.com DiscountTravel.com AirlineFares.net BabyFood.com Boats.mobi […]