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VURG started LLLL.com

www.LLLL.com is the new 4 letter domain portal by VURG, Philip O’Neil: I have been a big supporter of Namepros in the past couple of years and try to devote some time to helping other members with their domain collections. I love the forums policy of keeping everything free. I expect big things to happen… Read more »

100 Days of Blogging

It’s been 100 days of blogging on DomainMagnate.com today, since then I posted 166 posts and here are the most popular ones: Chess.com – How a Premium Domain Should Be Used Why LLLL.com Domains Will Grow in Price Top .in Domains Owners AARR.com, DDRR.com, Bulg.com, NNPP.com, Slov.com, OOOM.com, Lidy.com, RonF.com, Xosi.com and many more at… Read more »

Domain Magnate 1 Week Anniversary, Stats and Plans

Yeah time passes by quickly. Would you believe it’s been a whole week since DomainMagnate.com was launched? 😀 After one week the blog is averaging over 300 unique visitors per day and growing rapidly. I have big plans for this blog. Many cool things will come out soon. Unlike many others I’ve been late to… Read more »

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