Happy Holidays and more..

Happy holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Hag Hanukkah Sameah 🙂 May the next 2009 year be happier, more profitable and more adventurous for you! I’m doing my “holiday shopping” and looking to purchase a few good generic domains by the end of the year. If you got some for sale that fit […]

iSearch.com Sold at $300K

iSearch.com was offered for sale several times before on ebay, but failed to reach near the reserve, the last ebay auction ended at $61000: iSearch.com Premium Domain iSearch.com Now it finally sold for a nice $300K to Intelius [Nasdaq:INTL] Arlo Gilbert, the previous owner, has the news on his blog

DomainMagnate.com on Facebook

DomainMagnate.com is now on facebook If you are using facebook and like this blog – feel free to add the page to your favorites  🙂 This is one of my little experiments to try to utilize facebook’s massive traffic. Social networking/bookmarking is next generation of SEO..

Anyone Using Twitter?

Update: I’ve installed a plugin to send notices about new posts to my twitter, so you can follow my profile to get the latest posts instantly! I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately, so finally joined myself as well. It seems pretty basic.. a little similar to my old site post simple, so I […]

Interesting Recent Posts

A few recent posts and discussions picked up this week that are worth to be mentioned here: The True Value of Domains: Has Anyone Ever Lost Money on a Domain – an interesting discussion among industry leaders on thedoains blog about the risks involved with investing in top names. This week’s sales report by DnJournal […]

New plugins, Feedback Needed

Hey all, If you haven’t noticed I’ve been adding and testing some wordpress plugins and additions to the blog. So far added: Related posts plugin to show related posts under each post with excerpt Show Top Commentators – to show top visitors of the blog that left most comments this month Subscribe to comments – […]

Interview With Basement from DNBuff

This is the first of a series of interviews with different domainers intended to let everyone express their views, opinions and share their experience. I think it will be interesting for most domainers to see how their fellows are doing. If you’d like to get interviewed feel free to contact. Domainers with all levels of […]

Announcement: Get Interviewed By Domain Magnate

In this new section I’m planning to post a series of interviews with other domainers. Unlike other Interviewers I’m not going after the domaining celebrities, but rather much smaller scale domainers and domain professionals like the average readers of my blog in order to give everyone a fair chance to express their opinions and share […]

Huge Bug Found in Godaddy – Lots of Options for Fraud

Rick reported this recently on his blog: It appears GoDaddy.com gives you the option to cancel a transfer, after you have done an account change and the new owner has accepted the domain. How ludicrous is this? I’ve just had it happen a second time. Someone sends you a name, so you send them the […]

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out

New LLLL.com Price Guide is Out on 4letternoob blog by Reece. Quad premiums had the highest increase in prices, which was only expected as they are the most desirable of all 4 letters. Triple premiums with Z and other letters seem to be the real bargain at these prices. They are not too ugly and […]