MyID Next Auction List

Myid published a list of .ca domain for the next auction, which starts in about 8 days. Quite an impressive one this time:  2-3 characters 1. ($1751 – $2500) 2. ($1001 – $1750) 3. ($251 – $500) 4. ($251 – $500) 5. ($1751 – $2500)

Dot Ca Auctions Update

Some great domains are up for grabs at myid .ca auctions. Also a few more high sales from previous auction.,,,,,,, and are some of the domains Offered. More than 105 high quality dot ca (.ca) domains are being auctioned at including fabulous rare and previously unavailable […]

TRAFFIC Auction List – Moniker has released the list for the domains to be auctioned off at live auction at the TRAFFIC Orlando show on Friday May 24. Remote live bidding will be available through There are some great names on the list. As usual lists a range of reserve for each domain rather than an actual […]