Tucows Selects AfternicDLS

NameMedia announced its award winning AfternicDLS marketplace has been selected as the exclusive expiry auction partner by leading Internet registrar Tucows. Effective immediately, thousands of daily expired domains from Tucows are automatically available for auction on Afternic. The estimated addition of 100,000 premium domains each month to AfternicDLS inventory will further enhance the selection of […]

Recent LLLL.com Sales Compilation – 3

Another sales compilation here from the last 3 days. It looks the prices in the lower end LLLL.com are stabilizing and starting to grow once again. Sedo VUFI.com $1,390 LETP.com $800 YASM.com $850 witu.com $5,100 cstw.com $125 rrzz.com $410 qmen.com $1,510 jomv.com $90 uaau.com $610 vvww.com $650 vudi.com $1,550 wouu.com $500 PLLP.com $500 lypi.com $500 […]

iReit Sells LLL.com at 2000 Price levels

Some more amazing sales were reported through afternic, but not the kind of amazing we used to. This time one lucky guy got a hell of a deal! Say.org – $500 WJA.com – $735 ZLI.com – $500 PQT.com – $571 RLU.com – $900