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Sahar Sarid: Our Best Domains

Interesting and informative post by Sahar over at conceptualist.com: Looking at our top domain names, here are some patterns we may all learn something from: 1. One or two word generic (descriptive) domain names, all .com Self explanatory. 2. Traffic is usually strong and/or constant. Massive traffic on some of the single word domains (hundreds… Read more »

List of 1477 Better Quality NNNNN.com

NNNNN.com’s are running out by 2K registrations per day and around 6K are remaining right now. Here is a list of better quality NNNNN.com’s that don’t have . All 5N’s with ‘0’ at the end are already registered and ‘0’ in other places, other than the last digit, is considered not good. Download the list… Read more »

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