Recent Registrations Stats

Here is the recent registrations stats for End of June 2008, or the latest data available. Top 3 tlds, .com, .de and .cn make up over 100 million domains, .net pushed to the 4th place. We can see an enormous growth in .cn registrations, but this is mostly due their extremely low price. Many sites […]

ALL 3 Character .ru Domains Registered!

There are 1,426,613 .ru domains registered in total and 60,491 .su .ru stands for Russia and .su is the obsolete extension of Soviet Union, which is still being used. But the shocker is all 3 character .ru domains are registered! I could hardly believe that the first time I heard about it mentioned on NP, […] vs.

I was just checking the recent sales of at and noticed a strange thing. $1,566.00 Apr/16/08 04:00 PM EST Sedo $3,000.00 Apr/14/08 10:53 PM CEST Sedo Both sold on sedo, same week, almost same letters and similar quality, yet such a big difference in price, why? “Fehu” has 162K results in […] Sells for $41000 to Set a New .ca Record!

New record for .ca sales: $41000 for at today. Previous high .ca sales: $36,050 2006-03-28 Pool $33,363 2006-05-23 Pvt Sale Some argue whether is really worth much because there are only 6 banks in Canada, although I think it’s an excellent finance related domain and its value will only rise […] To Be Auctioned on Sedo is scheduled to be auctioned in GreatDomains monthly auction in 5 days. Reserve is set to above 1 million and if it sells we might see another high value sale to top the annually charts. is also a small developed site, which in this case probably doesn’t add much value. The new owner […]

Over 100M Domains Registered in Main 6 Extensions!

Top 6 domain tlds finally hit over 100M registered combined. Here are some interesting stats for today March 9, 2008 74,104,230 .COM 11,035,393 .NET 6,611,743 .ORG 4,978,080 .INFO 1,943,952 .BIZ 1,400,328 .US Over 1 Million .com domains registered today only, compared to 142K .com deleted. Long live the .com ­čÖé

1 Million to .jp

.jp domains hit 1 million. No surprising for the world’s second largest economy. As of March 1 there were 1,003,285 Japanese domain names registered. More stats here

Marchex – $37 Million for The Fourth Quarter of 2007

Marchex reports: $37 Million for The Fourth Quarter of 2007 Fourth Quarter 2007 Consolidated Financial Results: Revenue was $37.0 million for the fourth quarter of 2007, compared to $32.6 million for the same period of 2006. GAAP net loss applicable to common stockholders was $774,000 for the fourth quarter of 2007 or $0.02 loss per […]