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Opportunity to invest into a diversified basket of online businesses – for accredited investors only

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Objectives & Philosophy

To achieve 50%+ returns on capital invested from a small portfolio of targeted digital assets, through smart selection and purchase, active optimisation of revenue and timely scale.

We leverage our considerable experience in identifying digital assets that have clear revenue growth potential over a 18 month to 2.5 year time horizon.

Digital assets are fast becoming a more mature investment asset class and Domain Magnate seeks to find quality acquisition targets that have strong growth potential.

Leadership Team


Investor, traveler and international speaker, Michael has been involved in various internet-based businesses since 2004 and quickly graduated from building, promoting and monetizing websites to buying and selling them. Michael is also the host of the successful podcast The Domain Magnate Show


Mark loves everything digital and particularly growing strong and sustainable digital businesses. He comes from a largely corporate background , including 10 years with National Australia Bank and in more recent years focused on large program delivery roles and digital governance.



Alex is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker and brings over 10 years of digital media experience as founder of web hosting company T35 Hosting and co-founder of advertising agency SmartSites.


As owner of AristoSourcing and Client Powerhouse, Mads has been coaching people for over 7 years in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola and providing SEO services.


As an industry veteran and operator of the most popular community and newsletter for business buyers, Richard brings experience in most types of online business from dropship, content sites, domains and facebook groups.

Domain Magnate Success

Case Studies

Domain Magnate is a micro Private Equity firm with over 15 years experience in buying, growing and selling profitable online businesses. Over the years we have completed over 300 successful deals, operating and managing hundreds of websites. These deals have been assisted by our fully remote team, based all over the Globe and hired based on culture and skill fit and consisting of experienced managers, field experts and assistants.



Acquisition price $32k
Cash return on Investment: 197%

A group of 5 content websites covering Indian topics and niches. The sites were of high risk due to agressive SEO methods and link building, volatile niches and need for frequent updates. We optimized the ad placements and monetization, improved templates, content and link building. By doing so we increased traffic ranking and revenue and then re-sold.



Acquisition price $26k
Cash return on Investment: 669%

Another group of 5 content websites acquired through several separate transactions, the largest being, featuring 100’s of articles on plumbing and gardening. The businesses generated a combined revenue of $40k+ and we held them for 1-2 years on average. Main focus was optimizing revenue via google ad positioning, affiliate sales and private ad sales before they were sold as a portfolio for $80k and a combined revenue of $120k+



Acquisition price $45k
Cash return on Investment: 520%

The business included 2 websites, with organic search traffic and a SaaS product. It was relatively new and the Saas not correctly programmed, so there were initial bugs and issues to solve, however this allowed for a good deal as it was low purchase value and then have our team work on fixing and managing, such as write the code base, build backlinks and improve on-page factors to grow organic traffic.

Our Numbers at Glance for DM Fund 1

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Yes, the fund has quarterly and annual reporting

Most websites will be valued from mid 6 to low 7 figures

If the minimum fund size of $1.5M is not reached, the Manager will return subscriptions less reasonable costs to the Investors

The regular reporting to the Investors will include details of the digital assets the fund is invested in

The closing date for subscriptions is 29 September 2021, however it may close as soon as the targeted fund size has been reached

No, the fund is for 5 years and distributions will be periodical during that life cycle

Domain Magnate Capital

Domain Magnate Capital is the third fund by Domain Magnate,
now open for participation to all accredited investors. We’ll search for the best deals through our wide network, acquire and grow online businesses, then resell them and distribute profits to investors.

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