Here is one the most elaborate bulk lowball offers I’ve received.

I want my 5 minutes spent on reading it (till i got to the $50 offer) back!

The offer was for the domain and came from – which appears to be another free email account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am contacting you on behalf of a small web development firm with which I work.

We have just recently instigated a development plan whereby we are slowly but surely building a large network of simple, information based websites.

The intention is to create a Wikipedia style encyclopaedia of information. The difference is however that rather than be located on one central domain, we intend to develop these sites on individual, keyword rich domains.

Our aim is to create a network such that if you want information on ‘Childrens Birthdays’ for example, then you can simply type in and find all the information you need.

At the moment search engines like Google provide an unnecessary middle man. We aim to make finding what you want even simpler than it already is!

We are contacting you with regards to the domain name Having completed a check of the whois database we obtained your details as being the owner/administrator of said domain name.

We are interested in purchasing this domain name from you as it is an ideal domain name for our development.

We would be prepared to offer you 50 USD for your domain name. If this is acceptable, please do let us know and we will provide information on how we may proceed.

We do not consider ourselves naive or unknowledgeable, and appreciate that some domains are being used for other things than websites: email for example, and again we appreciate that you may simply not want to sell your domain.

If this is the case we ask that you let us know such that we can pursue alternative domains.

Independent of your decision, I thank you for your time and wish you all the best.



The “Dear Sir/Madam,” usually makes it all clear from the beginning, but in this one somehow it seemed like it might be a real offer. From the whois it appears that belongs to Rolnick, Danny from GB. But there is no way of knowing if this is the sender of the email, or they just picked a random good looking domain for an example.

All the US city domain owners have been emailed to so many times that I doubt there is any chance to buy a domain this way nowdays. The times when you could get a great bargain by emailing the owner are mainly gone and this is obviously an automated bulk email so it didn’t even deserve a reply, he can’t be seriously offering $50 for a top GEO domain like that.

After some checking I’ve found that apparently these guys emailed quite a few domainers. Some even say they only got a $10 offer, so I guess I should be happy 😀

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  1. I got the same spam this morning. I suspected it was part of some scan or phishing scheme or perhaps a way to probe for valid email addresses based on people replying.

  2. I got the same mail but for a domain I naively registered a while back. Its expiring in a couple of weeks and I’m fairly certain its not worth the $50 they want to pay for it! So what are they trying to get? valid emails?


  3. Leo, they must be sending these in large quantities, so naturally a few not so good domains slipped through 😛

    I don’t think they need the emails, it’s easy to get them from whois and most would be valid.

  4. Thanks for posting this – good to get a little more info on this offer. I couldn’t imagine why they would be interested in my domain — it’s my family name, which is unique to my immediate family (thanks to some cavalier shortening and misspelling when my great-great grandaddy came through Ellis Island). there are only about 10 people with this last name in the U.S., and none outside the U.S. I’ll be damned if I can imagine a for-profit use for it.

    Having seen your post, I can feel better about ignoring this mail. 🙂

    BTW, I was offered $50 too.

  5. haha i got the same offer today for a nine year old domain. these are the new generation of scammer domainers.

  6. You’re not alone !!! reminds me Michael Jackson song

    Same email , I guess I’ll use it as a template for low balling you guys 🙂

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