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We buy websites with $40,000 to $400,000 in annual profits. Over the past 15+ years we’ve done hundreds of deals, so we’ve improved our process to be fast, efficient and smooth for sellers. See full details of our criteria and process before submitting.

Recent Purchases

  • Amazon affiliate website earning $15K per month

  • SaaS business with $6K in monthly profits

  • Content business earning over $3K per month

  • SaaS business with annual net profits over $200K

  • Content affiliate site generating over $5K in monthly profit

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We discuss all the details of the deal, price, terms, transfer process, and sign a sale agreement. We conduct the transaction, you transfer the assets and receive the funds

“Quick and easy transaction, seller is easy and responsive, cleared all my questions and data provided before the purchase was correct.”

Alvaro Angeloro

Why Sell To us?

When it’s time to sell your business, speed matters for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that you’re free to move on to the next thing you’d like to do, instead of the sale taking one moment longer than it needs to.

We do not have a long checklist of due diligence items you’ll need to obtain for us, which can be frustrating and difficult to put together and in the long run, are ultimately irrelevant. 

We have done hundreds of transactions worth millions of dollars, and thus know not only what we look for in a website, but how to deal with everyone from a first-time seller to professional sellers (and everyone in between). 

We represent serious investors who demand serious returns and as such we don’t have time to simply browse or window shop businesses.  If we are making you an offer it’s because we think you’ve got a site worth buying and we take your time as seriously as we take our own.

Questions And Answers

Any established websites will be considered except warez, or adult related sites. We are mostly interested in quality content sites, that generate income from adsense.

Transactions are usually handled through escrow, is a premium partner at To learn more on how the process works you can read here.

We buy sites for anywhere between $5K and $500K

Prices are based on fair market values. Check out similar sales on various website marketplaces to get an idea of what your site is worth first.

Quick, professional deals. Secure transactions with higher prices than what you may be able to get by listing the website for sale on various marketplaces, and with much less time and effort involved!

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