In shade of recent events on DNForum, where some stolen domains were sold and others offered for sales and brokered, be very careful when asked to broker domains.

If a newbie member on a domaining forum asks you to broker a premium domain, there is a high chance it’s a stolen domain, otherwise why wouldn’t he do it himself?

Brokering a stolen domain can make you a partner in crime and you might lose your reputation and money.

Here is a recent stolen domains thread on DNF: – Unresolved Namess Sale – with over 10 pages of replies in just a few hours! According to some of the posts the thief sold stolen domains for $100K-650k+ These are also linked to the notorious Iranian theif

So there you go for another little domaining tip on how to avoid scams: be 100% sure the domain is not stolen before agreeing to broker it.

Few more threads with stolen domains:

Sdf.com – 3 Letter.com



Mimimise [dot] com

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