In this special episode of the Domain Magnate Show, Michael Bereslavsky and Jamie Toyne announce the exciting new partnership between Dealflow Brokerage with Domain Magnate and what it means for customers.


Michael Bereslavsky is the founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. He’s been involved in various internet-based businesses since 2004 and quickly graduated from building, promoting, and monetizing websites to buying and selling them. With over a decade of experience, Michael and Domain Magnate has managed 300+ successful deals.

Jamie is a serial entrepreneur and a former Director at During the completion of his double-degree in finance and entrepreneurship at RMIT, Jamie consulted large retail brands on their eCommerce strategy. He then shifted his focus toward internet companies where he bought and sold websites and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same.



Brittany Bond 0:11 Hi everyone, my name is Brittany Bond and I’m so excited to sit down and interview these two gentlemen here today. Can you guys tell us your names? This is Jamie, can you tell us a little bit about you, Jamie?

Jamie Toyne 0:21 Sure can, I’m the CEO and Founder of Dealflow Brokerage.

Brittany Bond 0:25 And then who do we have here Michael?

Michael Bereslavsky 0:27 Hi, I’m Michael Bereslavsky CEO and Founder of Domain Magnate.

Brittany Bond 0:30 Perfect so the reason why I’d love to talk to you guys today is because we have a big thing that just happened. We have a partnership right? So Jamie, can you tell us a little bit about Dealflow Brokerage and we can go from there?

Jamie Toyne 0:41 Absolutely. Yes. So Dealflow Brokerage is a boutique mergers and acquisitions company that specialized in internet companies. So we specialize in SAS e commerce, content sites, marketplace sites and the brands been around for about five years now.

Brittany Bond 0:56 Perfect. And then we are now partnering Dealflow Brokerage with Domain Magnate. Michael, can you tell us what is Domain Magnate?

Michael Bereslavsky 1:03 Domain Magnate is a macro private equity firm. We’ve been around for about 15 years now. And we specialize on buying and operating different online businesses.

Brittany Bond 1:14 So why should people be excited about this partnership and you guys now have together as companies? How is this better for that?

Jamie Toyne 1:21 I was really excited by the opportunity based on Michael’s experience in the industry. We have a really strong sort of sell side service, and that’s been our focus over the last sort of five and a half years. Michael strengths and Domain Magnate strengths has been in on the buy side, you know, sourcing high quality deals and acquiring ones that makes sense for his firm. You know, he has a large network, lots of great connections in the industry. And so we’re hoping to sort of strengthen our buy side services and also one of the unique advantages that the Dealflow has over some of the other brokerage firms is that we provide a targeted outbound service for our sell side clients so instead of just creating a sales prospectus and then uploading it onto our website and then sending it out to an email list, we do all of those things but we also conduct market research and try and find sort of targeted buyers that would have a strategic interest in acquiring the business. So I think Domain Magnate can really sort of strengthen that side of our business.

Brittany Bond 2:21 Michael, why are you excited to partner with Dealflow Brokerage?

Michael Bereslavsky 2:24 Yeah, this is actually really exciting for me because for for quite a few years now we’ve been looking to partner with a brokerage firm. And once we got to know more about Jamie and Dealflow Brokerage we have learned that they really take the customer’s needs first and they have a very experienced team. They have good processes. They have substantial experience and expertise in brokering online businesses. And this will give our customers at Domain Magnate an opportunity to do have extra services and this also allows us to help deal flow brokerage growth further and expand the range of services.

Brittany Bond 3:03 For this partnership, what does it mean specifically for the end user? So Jamie, what should people be like excited about and how should they get involved?

Jamie Toyne 3:10 For anyone that owns a business and is looking to exit in the next couple of years, we should be in a position to really sort of hone down on now, sort of outreach and find some strategic buys. The other really exciting thing is that we’re just going to have extra resources to invest in some really great educational products and things like that to help owners plan their exit well.

Brittany Bond 3:33 And Michael, do you have anything that you’d want customers or people just to reach out to you guys about?

Michael Bereslavsky 3:37 Yeah, so for Dealflow Brokerage clients, that means that they will now have in addition to the usual proctoring process, they’ll have an opportunity to get a direct offer from Domain Magnate for immediate position. If the business fits our criteria. And for our customers, at Domain Magnate, they will also have an option to to get an assessment from a brokerage firm in addition to being able to get the direct offer from us.

Brittany Bond 4:04 Wow. So it sounds like it’s a really big win-win for everyone. I’m like, so excited for this partnership. And I’m really excited to share this with everyone because I think especially in the market right now, it is ripe for a lot of big opportunity. So it sounds like you guys are doing this partnership right in the moment when all of this can come together. So thank you guys for letting me interview you today. And I hope that you know, it keeps going great as I know it will. Talk to you later.

Michael Bereslavsky 4:28 Thank you.

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