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Sharing real business stories, told week by week.
Join us as we feature leaders and experts in a discussion of buying, optimizing, and selling, profitable online business and as we dig down on what it is like to be an entrepreneur, business owner, and an investor in the digital space.

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    Latest Episodes

    EP44: Kate Ahl on how to get consistent pinterest traffic

    In this episode our host sits down with Kate Ahl founder of Simple Pin Media. She speaks about getting started in driving Pinterest traffic, managing her clients accounts. HOST BIO: Visionary, leader, team cheerleader, teacher, podcaster, and lover of all things Pinterest. Using her gift of leadership, she develops, champions,…

    EP40: Optimizing Amazon Affiliate Sites with Jesse Lakes

    In this episode of Domain Magnate, Michael Bereslavsky speaks with Jesse Lakes (CEO of Geniuslink) about Amazon affiliate marketing, how to optimize affiliate links for conversions in as many countries as possible, and how to avoid getting in trouble with Amazon Associates. HOST BIO: As the former Global Product Manager…

    EP39: What is the Ideal Business to Buy?

    In this episode of Domain Magnate, host Michael Bereslavsky speaks about the ideal online businesses to buy and what traits, buyers and investors need to look out for before purchasing. HOST BIO: Michael Bereslavsky is the founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. He’s been involved in various internet-based businesses since…

    EP38: What do I pay Attention to when reviewing P&L Statements

    In the 38th Episode of the Domain Magnate show deals with understanding P&Ls (profit and loss statements). Michael Bereslavsky shows you how to read a profit & loss statement. In this episode, we'll look at an example of a small business and see how you can learn more about it.…

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