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Sharing real business stories, told week by week.
Join us as we feature leaders and experts in a discussion of buying, optimizing, and selling, profitable online business and as we dig down on what it is like to be an entrepreneur, business owner, and an investor in the digital space.

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Latest Episodes

EP03: Crossing $10M in Revenue with Nathan Hirsch CEO of FreeeUp

  SHOW NOTES: On the third episode of The Domain Magnate Show, we sit down with the FreeeUp’s founder, Nathan Hirsch. Know more about hiring and scaling, freelancer vs employee, and managing a remote-based company. Nathan also shares his tips and common mistakes in outsourcing. GUEST BIO: Nathan Hirschstarted in…

Ep02: Alex Melen, CEO of SmartSites on Scaling and Growing Business

SHOW NOTES: In this episode, Alex Melen, founder of SmartSites, shares us some insights on scaling businesses, building company culture, and hiring and management processes. You also don’t want to miss his SEO tips on making your website rank better. GUEST BIO: Alex Melen is an award-winning entrepreneur best known for…

E00: The Domain Magnate Show – Introduction Episode

Domain Magnate dives into the world of podcasting. For our pilot episode, our CEO and Founder, Michael Bereslavsky and our Deal Manager, Colton Moffitt gives you an overview about our company, Domain Magnate. In this 11-minute episode, we dig down into more details about our own approach, processes, and a few things we…