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Sharing real business stories, told week by week.
Join us as we feature leaders and experts in a discussion of buying, optimizing, and selling, profitable online business and as we dig down on what it is like to be an entrepreneur, business owner, and an investor in the digital space.

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Latest Episodes

EP13: From Plumbing to Buying Businesses with Jaryd Krause

In this episode Michael talks to Jaryd Krause of BuyingOnlineBusinesses.com about Jaryd's journey from being a plumber to buying businesses online and traveling the world. They discuss how Jaryd is now helping other people achieve their dream lifestyles buying and selling online businesses.   GUEST BIO: Jaryd Krause has gained…

EP12: Website Investing 101 with Stacy Caprio of Her.ceo

Today we're joined by Stacey Caprio, founder of Her CEO. In this episode we talk about what she's doing with Her CEO, how she got involved with investing in profitable websites, as well as her background that led her to this point.   GUEST BIO: Stacy’s background is in online…

EP11: Michael Bereslavsky at Invest Like A Boss Summit, Los Angeles

This episode highlights Domain Magnate's Founder and CEO's portion in Invest Like a Boss Summit in Los Angeles last September 28 2019. He, alongside Stacey Caprio from Her.ceo and host Johnny FD have a discussion with a live audience with focus on the topic "How To Get 100% Returns Through…

EP08: Market Strategy Overview with Michael Bereslavsky

Michael talks about Domain Magnate’s strategy for acquiring online businesses, different kinds of deals, getting discounted deals, the framework for reviewing deals and how to find great deals.   GUEST BIO: Michael Bereslavsky is the founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. He’s been involved in various internet-based businesses since 2004…

EP06: Joe Magnotti Shares the Latest Numbers on Empire Flippers

CEO of Empire Flippers, Joe Magnotti shares the last numbers on deals and revenues and describes his processes for hiring and managing a remotely distributed team. He also talked about Empire Flippers’s scoreboard, valuation tool, new platform login, and how they are setting the bar in the industry and what…

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