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Our team

Michael Bereslavsky

Founder & CEO

Michael has had a passion for all things online business since 2004 which has led him from building and monetizing websites, to over a decade of buying and growing online businesses, 300+ deals, guest-speaking at events, and most recently launching his third investor fund. The remote nature of his online business has also allowed Michael to pursue his personal love of travel and manage a fully remote team

Colin Ma

Content Portfolio Manager

Colin first started his career as a Technical Consultant where he developed his Software Engineering and Client Management skills. After several years of working with Fortune 500 companies in this role, he decided to make the switch working full time on his own company in SEO, something he realized he truly loved.

 Over the years he has built his Digital Marketing agency and portfolio of digital businesses. He combines his analytical and creative skills to constantly improve his own SEO skills and processes.

In his free team he enjoys stand-up comedy and is active within the California dance community.

Eric Burns

SaaS Portfolio Manager

Eric is an experienced business operator with experience in data, technology, and business operations. 

In addition to running a portfolio of online businesses, Eric has held the role of COO at NichePursuits.com and CEO and co-founder of Gazella Wifi-Marketing a SaaS tool for restaurants that sold to Bloom Intelligence in 2019.

Eric has owned a restaurant, self-published low content books on Amazon, and worked in the corporate world as an employee and customer engagement consultant for Fortune 500 clients at a global consulting firm.

Hanna Greeman

Content Manager

Hanna is a content specialist with 4+ years experience in writing, editing and content strategy for a number of different brands. As Domain Magnate’s Content Manager, Hanna manages the creation and distribution of all content across the company’s portfolio of websites. She supports the business with written content as well as managing a team of freelancers. Originally from the UK, Hanna is based in Barcelona, and is a keen traveller, language lover and salsa dancer.

Bogdan Chiuaru

Link Building Manager

Bogdan is our link building manager and responsible for promoting our sites with the help of guest posting, creative outreach strategies and ofcourse his remarkable communication skills.

Bao Ng

Digital Marketing Coordinator

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Bao loves everything digital marketing and has mastered a range of skills including SEO, SEM and Email marketing.

In his free time he enjoys playing sports, traveling and reading thrillers.

Kapil Yadav

SEO Assistant

Kapil is responsible for managing and growing our content websites by implementing strategic SEO practices and publishing top quality content. When not working, he loves reading non-fiction books and watch interesting documentaries on a wide range of subjects.

Sehrish Awan

Digital Marketing Assistant

Sehrish provides customer support and also assists in content creation and lead generation

campaigns. She specializes in ghostwriting, email marketing campaigns and product

descriptions, and is a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

Agnieszka Niemiec


Agnieszka comes from a corporate background mainly working in the financial investments sector. She finished her Master in Finance & Accounting in 2016 and has more than 5 years of professional experience in financial reporting and general accounting.

She is responsible for financial records of Domain Magnate and its Investors, making sure that all the digital assets held and managed by the Company are correctly maintained and accounted for.

Jaidine Stoutt-Williams


As the PA to Domain Magnate’s Founder and CEO Michael Bereslavsky, Jaidine provides support with all aspects of research, outreach, networking, promotion and social media management. Her five-year tenure in the event services industry combined with her track record in; managing internal and external communications, successfully coordinating projects and driving revenue, allows her to build and maintain long-term business relationships and ensure day-to-day activities are running flawlessly.

Fariha Shaikh

Digital Marketing Assistant

One of our talented marketing assistant is Farihas. She has over three years of experience in digital marketing and now works with Bao & Colin.She has over three years of experience in digital marketing and now works with Bao & Colin.