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DNForum Adds New Category $20 Dropping

DNForum Adds New Category for dropping soon domains, for a fixed price of $20.

I think it’s a great idea and I just listed a few of mines there to try it out.

Domainers deal with renewals on a weekly basis and it’s frequently a hard decision to either renew or let it go. It can be quite disturbing to see a domain you forgot to renew end up selling for 4 figures on an expired auction, but these things happen.

3 Replies to “DNForum Adds New Category $20 Dropping”

  1. I think DNF adding this new $20.drop thread is a super idea…

    I’ll probably post some there as well…

    I know I have been making more of an effort to weedle down my portfolio size… gosh that’s tough to do though… but must be done… if I know I won’t be

    dev’ing it in the next 12 months — I should let it go…

    Thanks for the info…

    ~DomainBELL (Patricia)

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