Since I’ve started developing my US city domains I’ve been positively surprised by the adsense clicks.

In general my average adsense clicks are between $0.20-0.30 through out my sites, but the US city names had many clicks in the $0.5-$1 range. The traffic is as targeted as you can get and it’s easy to understand why advertisers would be willing to spend more, but these are relatively small cities, so the number of advertisers is quite limited.

These clicks are definitely nothing compared to what one could earn by attracting direct advertisers. I just read on dnjournal that earns over a million dollars a year only from the homepage! This definitely shows the potential in geo domains and pretty clear plan: get a top city domain, make some site and make it rank well in google, find advertisers to purchase banners for some annual fee.

As for now my development plans are rather modest, I’m going to build 10 small sites on my city domains, over the next couple weeks, and do some seo and linking stuff to get them ranking well in google. The hardest part is completed after I’ve found a good designer and a writer to do the content for sites. I don’t expect too much from adsense, but it will provide some income while the sites are being “established” and after that comes the money part, looking for advertisers that is.

Quite exciting to see how the traffic and adsense earnings will kick in once the new sites are fully indexed and well placed by google!

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