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We are a Private Equity firm with a 15-year history of buying, optimizing, and selling profitable online businesses. Over the years, we have built an ecosystem made up of hundreds of deals under our portfolio and a valuable network of connections.

Our team has facilitated over 300+ successful deals and helped hundreds of sellers exit their businesses fast. Our investors, on the other hand, are getting access to our decades of expertise and high-quality investment deals from our private network.

To deliver the best services to both our investors and sellers, we’ve partnered with two of the most reputable names in the industry, Escrow, and Flippa. We are a broker partner of Flippa and one of the three partners of Escrow under Web Business Brokerage & Investment Services.

Since Domain Magnate’s conception, our CEO and Founder, Michael Bereslavksy has spoken in numerous conferences and was featured in many industry publications like, Inc., NamesCon, Domaining, Entrepreneur, DomainX, and Invest Like a Boss Summit, Los Angeles to name a few. He has also been hosting The Domain Magnate Show podcast where we sit down with industry leaders like Matt Barrie, CEO of and Escrow, Mike Michalowicz, Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur and talk about running a business and investing in the digital space.

Our Numbers at Glance for DM Fund 1

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Value in March 2020
13 Months
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The Domain Magnate Approach


Each deal under our portfolio is handled with transparency at the top of our minds. Our investors are receiving detailed quarterly reports of all our properties and financials. Our team makes sure that our investors are kept up to date and have a full understanding of the crucial business decisions and strategies that will affect their investments. We encourage our investors to learn more about the industry and how we operate.


Our team is not only composed of expert deal makers and savvy investors but we also employ top-notch SEO experts, Social Media Managers, Content Writers, and Marketers to ensure that your portfolio is effectively managed while keeping the operating costs down.


With over a decade of experience in the field, we have developed a vast network of connections allowing us to buy deals before they are even listed in the market at a lower cost. Through our network, we are able to ensure better than market deals for our investors.


We have developed our own proprietary and proven methods in analyzing risks and opportunities. Each deal has been examined at every level and angle possible, from monetization, systems, ranking, business models, third party connections, and more. Our systems are proven to reduce risk at the lowest point possible and drive growth and value.


Bought (February 9,2019)
Sold (October 19,2019)
Amazon Revenues
Operation Costs

Managed Services Rendered:
adding content, updating existing content, building backlinks, optimizing. setting up, promoting social profiles


“I like Michael’s straightforward approach to the market, and growing private network of sellers. I understood the whole process and our acquisitions have gone really smoothly. The Domain Magnate team is growing quickly and my exits have had great returns. I’m happy with how the investments are going.”
Kurt P.

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