Domain Magnate Update

Multiple websites for sale today. Great opportunity to get started with your first acquisition, with our full transfer and set up service, or add a few more sites to your existing portfolio.

See full details here

All sales include a free transfer by our team and help with the setup of your affiliate IDs and ad codes. If you have any questions and want to see more information on one of the sites, or unsure which one is a good fit for you, simply reply to this email for more details!

Our first group buy has been launched and currently has two remaining spots available to join. We aim to acquire only 1 or 2 deals with it and are now close to making the first acquisition. There is a $75K min to join and 75% of equity is split between investors according to contribution. We aim to acquire, grow and resell a business in about 2 years here. Apply here, or reply directly for details.

How to Grow and Monetize a Newsletter

Mushfiq Sarker from The Website Flip shares some methods for growing and monetizing a newsletter, and gives advice to entrepreneurs seeking to buy their first business.

The Niche Site That Sold for $250k

Spencer Haws, the man behind, talks about how he sold a niche site he had built up over 3 years and earned a return of over 40x. He also discusses exciting projects he is working on including a WordPress plugin that speeds up the link building process and helps users rank better in Google.

Blog Length: Myths And ‘The Truth’

Many claim that longer blog content converts better than shorter content but this is simply not true. In fact, statistics show that a lot of people will sooner leave your page if it is too lengthy.

Ahrefs found that backlinks and word count had a strong negative correlation. This means that after 1,000 words, backlinks from unique sites (referring domains) start to decline. It was also discovered that the average blog post that is 10,000 words generates less search traffic than an average 2,000-word post.

Unconfirmed Google Search Update

SEO Roundtable contributor Barry Schwartz has been seeing a lot of signals and chatter about yet another update, which he details in this article. Although the update is not yet confirmed, we’ve been seeing a LOT of activity from Google lately.

It all started with 2, back-to-back core updates in late November and early December of 2021, followed by multiple unconfirmed Google updates in January. These recent updates in January may not be core updates, but don’t be surprised if you see some volatility. Like with any update, wait a week or two to let it settle before drawing conclusions.

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