Domain Magnate Update

Our latest sites for sale can be found here. All sales include a free transfer by our team and help with the setup of your affiliate IDs and ad codes. Contact us for more details!

I got to talk with Doug Cunnington, the creator of Niche Site Project about how I got started in buying, growing and selling online businesses with just $1, why I lost $10,000 and shared tips for structuring a deal and selling websites for maximum value

New Matchmaking Service for Amazon FBA Sellers and High-Value Buyers 

Flippa announces the addition of Direct Connect, a premium matchmaking service designed to facilitate quality connections between Amazon FBA sellers and institutional, merger and acquisitioners, aggregators, investors, and high-value buyers including investment firms and private equity. This is a valuable addition to the Flippa marketplace and will hopefully encourage more high-value buyers to use this service and find the best Amazon FBA businesses for their needs. Find out more about how it works and if your Amazon FBA business is eligible for the service.

Step Up Your Conversion Rate by 50% in 1 Day

If your website isn’t converting users into customers, then it’s not doing its job. You don’t want to just get people to your website — you want them to stick around and complete a transaction. Neil Patel offers 10 ways to increase your conversion rate by 50% in one day. Each one of them is easy to implement and the results can be seen almost immediately. If you have been suffering from a low conversion rate and want to fix it quickly, you should give these strategies a try.

Framework for Transferring Business Ownership 

Quiet Light emphasises the importance of transferring business ownership through the right channels and provides a framework of actionable steps you should follow to ensure a smooth transaction. It describes the legalities of transferring ownership, highlights the need for clear documentation and communication to minimise misunderstandings, lists the key items and processes of a transfer, and explains how to maximize the buyer’s success. 

How to Drive Higher SaaS Valuations

Our friends over at SaaS District were joined by the Founder of M&A firm, Traction Advising for an insightful discussion about how they help B2B SaaS companies get acquired. This is a must-listen if you’re looking to understand how SaaS valuation works, the top metrics to consider when valuing a SaaS business, expected valuation for private SaaS, and when it’s the right time to sell. 

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