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This week we had Andy Mai on The Domain Magnate Show. Andy is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of, where he teaches people to build successful dropshipping businesses. He’s also a successful YouTuber. Join us as we discuss paid traffic, managing people, podcasting and eCommerce.

How to use aged domains to build high-earning websites

I met Stacy Caprio of Her.CEO speaking at the Invest Like a Boss conference in LA back in 2019. You can watch the video of our panel here.

Stacy invests in websites and has become financially independent thanks to her website purchases.

She has told me she will personally respond to all questions you send to ‘’ in the next 48-hour timeframe.

Stacy also wants you to know that if you sign up for her email list, she’ll be sending out a case study update on her ‘aged domain’ purchase again soon. Note: the below traffic graph is her aged domain case study traffic, starting from when she first purchased it and added content to the site back in April of 2021.

Is your Amazon FBA business worth more than you think?

If you’re thinking of exiting your Amazon FBA business, or simply curious about its worth, it is beneficial getting an estimate of its value. Since this is a rapidly changing business model and it depends on several factors, we wanted to bring you a guest post from Flippa that offers insight into how to find the SDE (Seller Discretionary Earnings) of your business, details growth opportunities and unveils their new valuation engine created exclusively for Amazon FBA businesses.

The legal way to flip websites for profit

Have you been considering starting a website flipping business, but are unsure whether it is legal? I have good news for you – it’s completely legal (despite the contrary chatter you may have heard). But like everything else in life, there are certain legalities that must be adhered to. But don’t let this discourage you from your own website flipping journey! In this post, Mushfiq of The Website Flip uncovers all the legal aspects of website flipping.

Increase ad revenue with Adsense for Search 

This week Google Adsense announced a new feature called Adsense for Search. The feature “displays search terms related to the content of the pages your users are reading. Using related search on your content pages can encourage your users to explore relevant topics on your site and engage with search ads.” Here’s how you can use this tool to your advantage.

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